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Online retailer analysis - 100 SHOPPERS


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Online retailer analysis - 100 SHOPPERS

Cooperation between business entities in the industry is the key to success. Good relationships with suppliers and vendors can be established in various ways. One of them is using the Where-To-Buy widget. It was created by, a company that specializes in internet marketing. Thanks to its functionality, this solution allows the companies to perform online retailer analysis based on the collected data. What information can be obtained in this way? Firstly, the number of products available in individual stores, the popularity of purchased variants, price promotions, etc.

Thanks to data analysis, the manufacturer can optimize the sales campaign and even make changes to the budget and production. From the point of view of retailers, this tool also provides many benefits, such as increased traffic in the online store and new customers.

messages.published : 2023-08-18

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